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June 25, 2010

AutoHotKey – Customize Windows per your need

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I think all of us like to experiment with smoothly going things.
If a system is running safely, we introduce some bugs as part of our experiment knowingly or un-knowingly 🙂
Jokes apart, I tried to gather some information with which you can customize your own computer system (donot try on your office system :)).

I hope you will love to do the following stuffs –
1. Override or disable Windows shortcut keys like [Windows] + E and [Windows] + R
2. Close unwanted windows the moment they appear
3. Make any window transparent, always-on-top, or alter its shape.
4. Customize the tray icon menu with your own icon, tooltip, menu items, and submenus
5. Display dialog boxes, tooltips, balloon tips, and popup menus to interact with the user

And many more features are availble in AutoHotKey.

Autohotkey is basically open-source utility for Windows.

Most importantly, this is free.


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