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June 28, 2009

Databinding – Bindinglist,BindingSource and BusinessObjects – Part2

I have posted another article in CodeProject. This is mainly focussing on the Searching and Sorting of the BindingList.In general, these do not come in BindingList. This article would help you to understand how you can have Sorting and Searching in BindingList. I created a generic BindingList class and both the features are implemented. As we are use Business Entities and their collections in our applications, this generic BindingList would definitely reduce more coding stuff.

Please visit the following article –


Databinding – Bindinglist,BindingSource and BusinessObjects – Part1

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I have been working on a Windows application where .NET 3.5 has been used. In this application we were supposed subscribe WebServices which are interacting through business objects. Some of the business objects are already defined as we were enhancing one existing application. Now I was supposed to find out an approach using which we can use databinding in UI layer. After browsing net, I decided to stick with BindingList and give few more flexibility to wrap this in a BindingSource.

I would like to share one easy approach of dealing with BindingList and BindingSource. You can get the details in my article posted in CodeProject.

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