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August 1, 2009

Custom icons in WordPress Blog URL

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I did not even notice that I used a custom icon in my blog’s URL. In the screenshot you can see there is an image as marked in red.Icons_In_yourWordPressBlog

If you want to have the same feature in your blog, you can try out the approach discussed below.Before doing that I must thank my friend Abhijit who noticed this and asked me on this. So I thought to share with all of you though there might be some other way (if any let me know) to do this.

Steps to Customize URL Icon

    1. You have to select any theme which has "Custom Header" e.g. Rubric

    2. Once this theme is activated,  you can see Custom Header option under "Appearance" menu.

    3. In this option you can set Header Image (which will be ultimately shown as icon image) to be displayed. Once you do that, you can see the same image in the URL,Icon as well as in Header.custom-Header

    4. Now you can remove the Header Image by “Restore Original Header”. Now your purpose is over. So you can remove this theme and go back to your old theme.

    5. You might need to open a new browser after clearing cache and all to reflect the changes. You should be able to get the icon in your URL.


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