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July 12, 2009

Improve you conversion rate – Website Optimizer

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Every business web site wants to attract their customers. But this makes a better result to them once
the customer converts it to an order :).
Now, Google has come up with another tool Website Optimizer tool.
This would be very uiseful to the sites who think that they are not getting proper conversion rate per their expectation.
So it’s the time to improve the site.

How to Improve with Website Optimizer?

Website Optimizer allows to test changes in the website content in order to determine what will be most effective in getting conversions.
The site has to decide what parts of the page they want to test – headline, image, promo text.
After that, an experiment on that portion of web site traffic can be performed using Google Website Optimizer to determine which content on the website users would respond to best. Based on collected data, optimizer would provide reports and a suggested course of action items in order to optimize website for maximum business results.


1. Increases the website conversion rates
2. Increases visitor satisfaction
3. Eliminates guesswork from site design
4. Last but not the least – this is a Free tool from Google

Please visit the all the details in the support link of Google.


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