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June 25, 2010

Communication Reinvented – Google Voice

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In today’s world we are surrounded with land phone, mobile phones (some times more than one), office phones etc. A day without a phone feels like we are disconnected from the world.

Now you might be thinking what else could be added to this avenue. First I will cover some of the points which all of us face today –

  • As you are having multiple numbers, your friends relatives try to reach you over all these numbers.
  • If someone is not able to reach after trying all these, he/she leaves a voice mail which you need to track by dialing voice mail box of the exact where the message was left.
  • Also, voice messages are not stored forever.
  • You also subscribe to multiple service providers with multiple device.

I think I have already raised some (may be few more)of our common problems which we face daily basis.

Now what could be a better option?

Yes, it’s Google and they have come up with Google Voice.

You must be eager to go through the features –

  • Use one number to manage all your phones; your Google Voice number is tied to you, not to a particular device or location. You can choose to keep your existing number (few features will not be available in this case) or ask Google to provide a new number.
  • You can configure Google Voice with all your other phones (cell phones and landlines) of home or work.Google Voice will route the call directly to voicemail or any of your phones. Google Voice ring all your phones and if you are not where you will be (at home or work), you can pick up the handiest one.
  • Also Google Voice can store the voice mail so you do not have check all your voice mail inboxes.
  • Voicemail like email: Save voicemail messages for as long as you’d like, star important ones, and search through them
  • Voicemail transcription: Voicemail messages will be automatically transcribed to text and sent to you via email and/or SMS.
  • Works with mobile phones, desk phones, and work phones. There’s nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don’t have to make or take calls using a computer
  • Custom voicemail greetings: Customize your voicemail greeting based on who is calling.
  • You can block the callers and many more features available with Google Voice.

I leave rest of the features to be explored by my readers 🙂

If you are in US, then you should try this out. But rest of the world have to wait till Google Voice is open for all other countries.


Dress code of Programmer

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We are all software developers and we follow some common dressing sense too..I know you must be thinking

what’s new I am talking about. If you are working in an organization you will definitely be following your organization’s dress code.

But my point was a bit different..It’s not the dress code of any organization that attracted me..Similarity of dress code of

all developers which is of interest..

It’s coding which enourage the developers to grow the beard, dress casually and long hairs.

If you think this is silly, then please refer to this post where you can get statistics on dressing senses of all famous programmers in the world..

So what are you waiting for!!! Get growing your beard and hair 🙂

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